The Sigma Female

The existence of sigma females

In our lifetimes, we may cross paths with an individual, theory or idea that offers greater clarity on what we may have known our entire lives. In early 2018, I crossed paths with a brilliant individual who identified as a sigma male. It is a concept I have heard about in passing, but never really took the time to dive in and understand.

In order to understand more, I dove into the subject and discovered a concept as profound and life-changing as the INTJ discovery I made decades ago​.

Reading about the sigma male, I felt I was reading about myself, with minor gender differences. This raised the question, "Are there sigma females?"

I am currently on the journey of answering that question and I believe the topic is beyond relevant to this blog, myself and INTJ females in general. I have spoken to many INTJ females since the launch of this blog in 2012 and understand myself well enough to believe that myself and many INTJ females are sigma females. The challenge is that there is quite a bit of material out there defining the sigma male, but I can find very little about their female counterparts, at least very little that I find insightful, well-researched or relevant.

There is quite a bit to take in, research and understand. That being said, I will be dedicating the west-wing of this blog to the subject to share what I find, how it applies to my life and define any discovered correlation with INTJ females as a whole. This page will be the home for these posts and since this is a journey through research, I welcome any and all insights and sources into the subject.