My personal thoughts on marriage and why it isn't necessary

My Personal Thoughts on Marriage

Does marriage hold any value in modern society? Is it real or does it even have a purpose? I don’t think so. This is coming from someone who has been married a couple of times. Call me what you will. Many people seem to treat marriage as they do a passing fling these days, which […]

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10 Are You A Sigma Female?

Are You A Sigma Female?

This is just the beginning of my ongoing series of live research into the existence of sigma females and their correlation with being INTJ, if such correlation exists. I hypothesize that it does. I am nowhere near an expert; this is a new topic of interest I discovered early this year, so be sure to […]

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9 How I Feel About Cheating INTJ Female

My Personal Thoughts On Cheating

There is no reason to cheat. Ever. Cheating is a concept I have never fully understood because the rational in me believes it is an action that is completely under one’s control. On the other end of that spectrum, I don’t believe traditional monogamy works for a vast majority of people in modern society. Monogamy […]

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22 Breaking Up The INTJ Way

Breaking Up The INTJ Way

As 2017 ends, I once again find my inbox sprinkled with messages relating to a breakup with an INTJ. The irony is that I don’t think I have received a single one of these messages from INTJs themselves, only the blind-sided partner that has come to realize that their INTJ is officially moving on. Some […]

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11 INTJ women are simply biological females

INTJ Women Are Simply Biological Females

Yes, INTJ women are a different animal; but we are nothing more than a variation on a theme. We are still animals who follow the same laws of biology like anything else and if one is stripped of environment, societal programming and other influences, we are just that; Animals who happen to be female. Within […]

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20 A Conceited Superior INTJ

The INTJ Conceit | Part II

So some time ago I penned a post about the INTJ Conceit and recently I have been accused of conceit again (and again). I am quite over it and the misconception is severely affecting my desire to interact with other human beings at all. I’ll get over it, however I am going to continue the […]

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27 Does The INTJ Get Bored

Does An INTJ Ever Get Bored?

I recently heard a child in public state how boooored they were in a whiney tone to their mom, and shortly following my inner mental tantrum from my annoyance, I realized that I cannot recall a singular instance in my life where I was “bored”, so it raised the question; Does an INTJ ever get […]

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