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1 A journey into a non-monogamous marriage

Encouraging Honesty In Modern Men

For the past decade or so, I have made it a point to educate myself on men, understand their nature and try to understand what it is that may or may not attract me to them. I have spent a considerable number of years single because I, being the rational I am, want to understand […]

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6 INTJ husband spouse boyfriend survival guide

The INTJ Significant Other Survival Guide

If you have found yourself in a long term relationship or marriage with an INTJ, you may have already experienced your fair share of misunderstandings, misconceptions and continued realizations. In my experience, many of the issues that arise have very little to do with the INTJ themselves, but more the fact that they are highly misunderstood […]

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7 hitting on an intj woman

How To Hit On An INTJ Woman

I had to laugh when I wrote the title of this post. The simple answer to the question, “How to hit on an INTJ woman” is don’t. I am deadly serious. Back in my younger and single days, I loathed being “hit on” in the typical way. I could have seriously been interested in someone, […]

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