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19 Breaking Up The INTJ Way

Breaking Up The INTJ Way

As 2017 ends, I once again find my inbox sprinkled with messages relating to a breakup with an INTJ. The irony is that I don’t think I have received a single one of these messages from INTJs themselves, only the blind-sided partner that has come to realize that their INTJ is officially moving on. Some […]

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11 INTJ women are simply biological females

INTJ Women Are Simply Biological Females

Yes, INTJ women are a different animal; but we are nothing more than a variation on a theme. We are still animals who follow the same laws of biology like anything else and if one is stripped of environment, societal programming and other influences, we are just that; Animals who happen to be female. Within […]

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19 A Conceited Superior INTJ

The INTJ Conceit | Part II

So some time ago I penned a post about the INTJ Conceit and recently I have been accused of conceit again (and again). I am quite over it and the misconception is severely affecting my desire to interact with other human beings at all. I’ll get over it, however I am going to continue the […]

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25 Does The INTJ Get Bored

Does An INTJ Ever Get Bored?

I recently heard a child in public state how boooored they were in a whiney tone to their mom, and shortly following my inner mental tantrum from my annoyance, I realized that I cannot recall a singular instance in my life where I was “bored”, so it raised the question; Does an INTJ ever get […]

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8 INTJ Job Loss Laid Off

The Unemployed INTJ

I was laid off the Friday before Thanksgiving of last year and immediately joined the ranks of the unemployed. One would think a period of unemployment would entice one to write millions of blog posts, but negative. I had no time. I finally secured a new position near the end of March, however I am […]

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23 Decoding the sexual nature of the intj woman

Decoding The INTJ Female Sexual Nature

Well, here it is; The topic du jour. The topic I get emailed about constantly from not only INTJ women, but also from their partners, who are trying desperately to understand the sexual nature of the INTJ female. I would have written about 50 posts on this subject alone already, if it wasn’t for the […]

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2 How INTJ Deals With Conflict

How An INTJ Deals With Conflict

I wouldn’t mind conflict so much if most people were not so damn irrational. Because of that fact alone, I absolutely despise conflict and nearly everything that surrounds it. Luckily, thanks to my naturally calm demeanor, it is an extremely rare occurrence in my life. In my personal experience, an INTJ is typically very calm throughout […]

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15 INTJ Can't Take A Compliment

No, I Can’t Take A Compliment

I don’t know what it is about compliments, but I find them downright uncomfortable. Being an INTJ; someone who is strong-willed, capable and confident (you heard me…confident), it is a strange juxtaposition that a personal compliment makes me want to disappear into a wall. I sincerely don’t know if this is a universal INTJ thing, […]

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7 How To Communicate With INTJ Woman

How To Communicate Bad News To An INTJ

A reader brought up an interesting question, and being that it is something that is a frequent struggle, it has inspired a post. The question that was brought to me was how, as an INTJ woman, how do we want to be heard. The struggle of which I speak, is the disbelief in my words and […]

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