INTJ Female Eccentric Non-Monogamist

I am a certifiable INTJ eccentric, serial entrepreneur, workaholic introvert who is driven to optimize my one life for maximum potential and happiness

I have been the subject of misconception since 1977

I think eating is a pain in the ass and a waste of time, my favorite food is salt and I love animals. I am obsessed with psychology, history, criminology and data. I have entirely too many subjects of interest, a borderline unhealthy fascination with serial killers, a highly offensive sense of humor and my favorite band is Rush. I live for Ace Ventura, I am capable of changing a roll of toilet paper and have played the bass guitar since 1993. 

I write a lot about the intricacies of being an INTJ and other irrelevant topics. My personal adventures can be witnessed on Instagram.

I am an open book. I hide nothing, am offended by nothing, am a little too blunt, despise drama and I reserve the right to write about random and obscure things. This blog is the only thing in my life that doesn't follow some methodical plan, structure and doesn't involve a spreadsheet.

I often write about things that should be embarrassing, but I lost my fucks a decade ago.

I am not a strong writer, but if something is on my mind, I will dump it here for all to enjoy, hate or criticize. I love well thought-out opinions supported with fact and logic, so always feel free to share them.